Trinity New Mexico - Christ and the Trinity on Golgotha - Trinity and the Bodhisattva NEO by Bradford Riley

Bradford Riley
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(Size- 57 Pages)   At Trinity New Mexico, Oppenheimer released the Beast, hoping for his own mortal salvation by dedicating a poem to the very Trinity he assaulted with poisoned nuclear light. Oppenheimer clung to the name Trinity, and created a new GRAVE MARKER on the Earth for pilgrims of the nuclear age. Through Truman and Oppenheimer another desolate tomb was raised in the far West. The location of that tomb was based on the fourteenth Holy Sonnet written by John Donne. Oppenheimer clung to John Donne, a 16th century English poet and sermon writer for America's Salvation. Donne's sonnet started, "Batter my heart, three-personed God." Transubstantiation (in Latin, transsubstantiatio, in Greek μετουσίωσις metousiosis) is how substance, and matter becomes transformed either to the Holiness that liberates the hidden Spirit in matter; or by means of decayed, decimated and fractured LIGHT without LOVE, that poisons the very roots of matter, flesh and Earth. Christ at Golgotha with the THREE CROSSES planted on the Hill of the Skull began the process of the transubstantiation of matter into Spirit. Love and Light raised from the core of the human being to our highest potentials are the absolute secret of THE TRINITY and the transubstantiation of matter recorded in all Grail Legends. Trinity and Neo depict an entirely new path of transubstantiation of magnetism, electricity and light for all of us. In Neo and Trinity we are looking at a futuristic re-stylized Grail adventure caught in the labyrinth of Earth's decayed and fallen electricity and light. The characters of Trinity and Neo in "The Matrix Series" portray potential confrontations humanity may have with fallen electricity in a future Bodhisattva Initiation. Transubstantiation of Light, electricity, magnetism and matter through Love Itself were first won by Christ at Golgotha.

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