Postcards from Sophia at 19 yrs. old

Bradford Riley
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(Stream 1 min video to your computer or phone) -  At 19 years old I got this postcard from Sophia of the Stars and The Michael School. At 19 in New York City I had just begun my Off-B'way career and was appearing on stage at the Astor Place Theater in a play by Tom Eyen. At 19 was precisely when this DESTINY STAMPED postcard arrived. It was a boon, a divine act of grace and it allowed me, through hard times, to survive financially in the underbelly of NYC. I was a SAG and Equity actor and this commercial played all over the country. 

But the skill and insight needed to decode the secrets of destiny at the distracted, deluded age of 19, when my first Moon Node arrived, was beyond my life capacities and vision at that time. Life is an adventure and we are required to pay attention to the road signs that our Angels drop in our laps. At 19, I discovered much later, was when our Angels have a window of opportunity to send down a postcard from our own Higher Being's.

This was my own text message from Sophia, my own invitation to join the quest when I was 19. I had to discover what the quest was. On that hangs a tale to be sure. Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that our intimate Angels have a real sense of humor. They also have access and ability to get under, behind and shine through our lives most challenging riddles. 

Our Angels are masters of the format called human destiny and biography. But be warned it requires our interest and intuition to read the riddles our Angels send earmarked and time stamped for OUR EYES ONLY. Riddles of Destiny and Biography are part of the secret language of our own lofty Angelic companions. What to look for when our Angels approach us at our NINETEENTH year. Link Here.

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